How JTC is improving the capital project delivery with Lean PlanDo?

This is a case experience from implementing the Integrated Lean Project Delivery (ILPD) System of Lean PlanDo at JTC Industrial development projects in Singapore from 2019.


 Of project delays are being mitigated resulting in early completion



Improvement in cycle times of structural works achieved for faster completion



Return on investment achieved due to cost savings from Lean PlanDo in the projects



JTC Corporation, is a Singaporean state owned real estate company and statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry headquartered in Singapore. JTC collaborated with Lean Station to implement Lean construction methodology of planning and execution in its projects since 2016. In 2019 JTC began implementing Lean PlanDo in all its industrial developmental projects in Singapore. 




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The Challenges

JTC builds extremely complex developments of different nature – including industrial and commercial buildings, infrastructure, marine and underground facilities. The project contracts vary from $1 million to several Billions. Before implementing Lean PlanDo, JTC faced the following challenges:

  1. JTC Project managers needed to depend on the contractor’s weekly and monthly report for troubleshooting project problems. This was time taking and unreliable many times leading to delayed troubleshooting and decision making. 
  2. As the Project teams relied on conventional planning and lack of any digital tools, it meant that it took significant time to review all issues in large projects. There were possibilities of many critical issues being left unreported and unhandled until they became a bottleneck.
  3. The nature of the issues that were being reported during the duration of the project execution were repetitive. This indicated that the root causes of such issues were not addressed sufficiently well. It took very long investigation process and significant effort of the JTC project manager and the contractor team to identify the root causes and address them.

JTC – Lean PlanDo implementation program

With the goal of delivering projects on-time and within budget, Lean PlanDo was able to address the challenges of JTC through its Integrated approach to Lean project delivery through following these implementation steps:

  1. Lean Station has developed a comprehensive JTC – Lean PlanDo implementation program that was flexible and customizable for varied projects that JTC developed. It included the provision of licenses of Lean PlanDo for itself and all the project stakeholders like contractors, consultants and subcontractors; software coaching, lean facilitation and handholding during its implementation and support to JTC project managers to practise lean management effectively. 
  2. As a part of the program, JTC has been able to transform  the traditional master plan approval stage to be collaborative and progressive with the involvement of all the consultants and contractors together with JTC. Construction challenges are pre-emptively analyzed earlier in this planning phase, increasing the reliability and executability of the program.
  3. A weekly cycle of collective planning is practised between the stakeholders which replaces the conventional weekly reporting meeting practice. This has been transformed into proactive sessions where future works and possible issues are anticipated and planned for with constraints. This weekly meeting was called the Lean PlanDo lookahead meeting. 
  4. Site reporting is being digitized through Lean PlanDo mobile apps where site teams including subcontractors are trained. They use the user-friendly apps to update progress and issues faced during execution enabling real-time collaboration and effective coordination with the planning teams in the site-offices. JTC project managers can get involved in critical site issues and collaborate with the contractors when necessary. 
  5. The weekly project review meeting included a review of the Lean PlanDo Insights to identify the critical issues to address from the past week which were the bottlenecks. It further included a forward planning stage that formed the integral part of this weekly Lean PlanDo lookahead meeting. 

Benefits experienced by JTC with
Lean PlanDo

  1. The JTC-Lean PlanDo program established a smooth production of the construction projects by transforming the mindset from project management to project improvement. 
  2.  As Lean PlanDo is a digital system and available on a secure cloud, the information on the project is available anywhere anytime to all the project stakeholders. This improved the availability of information for making critical decisions including an accurate projection of the end date of the project and the dynamic critical paths. 
  3. The JTC project managers and task owners were alerted of potential delays and actual delays to take immediate actions to rectify it, preventing long troubleshooting times. 
  4. Lean PlanDo aggregates data from various sources of the site through its mobile apps which helped in various processes of planning, collaboration and reporting in these construction projects. 
  5. Lean PlanDo improved the pace of troubleshooting for root causes. Many delays were avoided as the  issues were pinpointed with greater accuracy due to this transformative process.

The Outcomes

JTC has seen the following improvements in the project delivery process after implementing Lean PlanDo in their projects:

  1. Committed execution from all stakeholders due to increased accountability and ownership. 
  2. It has now been possible to achieve clarity of objective, where each stakeholder knows what needs to be completed and what they have to do. 
  3. Lean PlanDo has been able to promote a greater sense of responsibility and transparency across all the project stakeholders.


A successful story of project recovery through Integrated Lean Project Delivery (ILPD) & collective team efforts.


Remain relevant while the construction industry is rapidly changing by utilizing Lean PlanDo in your projects to constantly refine your capabilities and while achieving digitization in all your processes.


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