Founded in 2015, with the goal of solving the most complex problems encountered by project teams, we were forged in an environment that required a paradigm shift in project delivery systems. Lean Station builds Lean + Digital systems called Lean PlanDo to achieve efficient and on-time project delivery of capital projects. We innovate in these broad set of areas of Lean thinking, decision systems, technology enablement and cultural transformation for small-mega companies to scale up into a Lean Enterprise globally.


“To create the most successful project delivery company by driving the world’s transition towards quality and efficiency.”


“To accelerate the world’s transition towards quality and efficiency”






Our team of leaders

Lean Station thrives by grooming up a purposeful team of leaders engineered to be agile and collaborative to grow in the world of uncertainties.


Sharath Waikar

CEO, Founder

Sharath is overseeing business, partner relationships and envisioning meaningful products in the company for improving the world.

David Chua

Co-Founder and Advisor

David is an active lean researcher and practitioner enthusiastic about Lean PlanDo boosting industry productivity.

Rohith Vishwanath

Head, Products, Founding Member

Rohith is overseeing the product engineering, development and operations, He likes to keep it simple and meaningful when it comes to deep technologies.

Darshan Raj

Head, Mobile, Founding Member

Darshan leads the mobile team, developing and perfecting the web applications along. He is driven by giving meaning to user experience designs.

Varun Subramanian

Engineering lead, founding member

Varun has designed the architecture of Lean Station's product infrastructure and deployment systems. He is a super geek and always keeps track of the latest innovations and releases in the IT industry.

Ashwin Rao

Product R&D Engineer, Founding Member

Ashwin is on track to become a software super-geek by constantly learning new technologies and patterns to deliver great quality to the end users.

Viveka Shetty

Product R&D Engineer, Founding Member

Vivek is a Developer at Lean Station who dons multiple roles, with over 10 years of experience in entertainment, marketing and project management.

Santhosh Sadanandan

Product Manager

Santhosh brings in extensive experience delivering business solutions using modern digital architecture and automation. A problem solver on a constant look out for challenges.

Mariappan Murugan

Product Designer

Mariappan drives the user experience and the visual design of all products, striving towards making human-device feelings intuitive.

Phyo Thant Aung

Lean Consultant

Phyo is a Civil Engineer, on track to becoming a Lean Consultant, and is very enthusiastic about transforming the construction industry to a Lean industry.

Klaus Steppe

Lean Consultant

Klaus is a Lean Consultant responsible for making the clients reach their full potential utilising Lean Station technologies.

Madhusudhan R

Product R&D Engineer

Madhu is a fast learner, and an inquisitive developer. He has contributed immensely in the product user interface as well as mobile apps. He plays a major role in the look and feel of Lean Station's product ecosystem.

Aditya Ranganathan

Product R&D Engineer

Adityas' experience has been in enterprise software upkeep in the automative industry. At Lean Station he has donned a new role as a product developer and contributes towards core R&D and enhancements.

Advay Rajhansa

Product R&D Engineer

Advay is a tech-enthusiast and has experience in developing end-to-end e-commerce platforms. At Lean Station his goal is to apply new technologies and contribute towards product enrichment


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