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Are your teams growing as fast as you want them to? Want to build a growing organization?

We help you to become lean by optimizing your processes and by nurturing lean mindsets to achieve a continual growth culture across your organization.

    Project Management

    Lean Project Delivery Consulting

    We partner with you together to fill up the gaps for a productive project delivery

    Lean P.D.C.A framework

    Week-on-week processes with embedded Lean principles for forward reliable planning, valid commitment, real-time monitoring and data analytics for improvement

    Project diagnostic framework

    Capture symptoms by recording key project performances, identify the rootcauses of delays and devise improvement strategies

    Project performance indicators

    Multiple KPIs providing a complete picture of the project health from diverse aspects.

    Lean + Digital Transformation Consulting

    Building value through digital technologies to scale up your organization in today’s competitive world

    Transform culture

    Enable project improvement through transparent & collaborative culture, proactive and continual learning mindset

    Build capability

    Enhance value of the workforce for planning, commitment, collaboration and digitalization

    Measure performance

    Establish standardized KPIs for project, process and people

    Lean Training And Certification Program

    Building capability and recognition of Lean excellence for a long term sustainable growth.

    Lean training courses

    Collaborate with both academic and industrial partner to provide trainings in applied Lean construction principles and methods

    Academic certification programs

    Provide Lean PlanDo certifications for students and academic trainers for their proficiency in Lean PlanDo methods and tools

    Professional certification programs

    Provide Lean PlanDo certifications for industrial practitioners and trainers for their proficiency in Lean PlanDo methods and tools


    Data driven engineering

    Proven and innovative Lean approach to streamline processes to cut wastes and costs

    Capabilities building

    Enterprise specific programs to build up your team in core areas of Digital + Lean

    Digital enablement

    Supercharge teams with cloud, mobile, BIM and AI technologies and future proof your enterprise

    Lean project consulting

    Scale up to a Lean enterprise with Lean + data driven consulting approach


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