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Implement change 75% faster with support from our Digital + Lean Consultants in construction projects

Discover the most advanced system of ILPD together with our team of Lean Consultants towards the Lean + Digital transformation

    Lean Construction Consultants

    What you get with Lean PlanDo

    Lean Consulting and Certification Program

    • Collaborate with our Lean Consultants to deliver projects through Integrated Lean Project Delivery (ILPD)
    • Get certified with Lean PlanDo for effective implementation
    • Transform your team into a lean machine with support from our lean consultants

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    Manage prerequisite works effectively to avoid delays in site work
    • Seamless data exchange with Microsoft(R) Project and Oracle(R) Primavera
    • Master-programing in spreadsheet or drag-drop style for simple or complex projects with 20,000+ activities
    • Supports multiple versions with multiple baselines dynamically for your different catch-up strategies
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    Forward planning and detail construction planning of all your teams with clear accountability in one place
    • Seamless data exchange with Autodesk(R) Revit and other BIM modelling tools
    • Map Lean PlanDo planning data with BIM based building components seamlessly with A.I
    • Combine spatial information with planning data to provide an interface for site planning
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    Analyse better to Improve your projects and enhance people capabilities
    • Record project performance through various metrics
    • Identify root causes of delays and their impacts to the project
    • Get consultations on improvement strategies from multiple aspects
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    ILPD Training & Courses

    Implement advanced Lean PlanDo(R) system for profitable delivery of your projects

    Certification Programs

    Specific programs and certifications to coach your team in core areas of Digital + Lean

    Operational Consulting

    Handholding and consulting practise to achieve operational efficiency across your partners projects

    Management Consulting

    Insightful data driven consulting support to stay competitive and profitable


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