Lean Station at the 5th Urban Sustainability Research & Development Congress, held by the Ministry of National Development (MND)

Lean Station proudly showcased Lean PlanDo together with JTC in the 5th Urban Sustainability Research & Development (R&D) Congress held by the Ministry of National Development (MND).

It was held on 23 and 24 July 2019 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Level 3.

Lean PlanDo was central part of the technologies displayed in the Exhibition area where all the new research and developments being carried out by JTC, BCA, HDB, and other agencies in the built environment sector.

It attracted high profile visitors such as the Minister of National Development, Lawrence Wong to JTC CEO Ng Lang and ACEO Mr. David Tan.

We hope everyone had a chance to talk to us about Lean PlanDo and its capabilities in the LEAN construction projects. If you did not, please feel free to contact us through our website for more information about Lean PlanDo!

JTC Singapore strengthens its collaboration with Lean Station and recognises the benefits of Lean PlanDo in JTC developments


JTC strengthens its collaboration with Lean Station by publishing an article about Lean PlanDo’s unique aspect of enhancing collaboration in planning and management of projects and the various real benefits JTC has derived out from its usage in the projects.

The article enhances the values of Lean PlanDo of collective planning and commitment to achieve a Lean project delivery mechanism through its simple, effective features. The cloud and mobile based application is technically very advanced and is being upgraded to make it future proof with A.I. Algorithms.

Quoting from the published article:

LaunchPad @ Jurong Innovation District

LaunchPad @ Jurong Innovation District

By improving collaboration among all parties involved, Lean PlanDo has benefited a total of 11 JTC developments so far. “The LaunchPad @ Jurong Innovation District saw a cut in project delays from six months to four months, while the Addition & Alteration (A&A) works at Fusionopolis One @ one-north benefitted from an increase in planning reliability from 80% to 96% by improving coordination among stakeholders.”

“Stakeholders at all levels – including contractors on the ground – need to be involved in planning and implementation, and Lean PlanDo promotes this through an open and decentralised approach. This gives every individual greater ownership over tasks and in turn higher motivation to carry them out”, says Mr Alan Ong, Principal Project Manager at JTC’s Public Projects Division. 

Lean PlanDo collective planning session (Lookahead) being facilitated by Lean Station

Lean PlanDo collective planning session (Lookahead) being facilitated by Lean Station

Lean Station has derived immense value in all these years of collaboration with JTC and has been able to create a product Lean PlanDo, rich with true value for digitalising and transforming the construction industry to be productive and profitable.

“In these years of collaboration with JTC around Lean PlanDo, we have benefited immensely, from validating product ideas to funding, accessing test-bedding sites, getting qualitative feedbacks and stepping up our game to deploy the application.” says Lean Station’s Co-founder and CEO Sharath Waikar 

JTC aims to use Lean PlanDo for its future building projects and has already confirmed its usage in 14 upcoming ones. These efforts will be complemented by training programmes to familiarise the project team with the application. There are also plans to integrate Lean PlanDo with other data sharing platforms and digital tools. 
As Mr Ong puts it, “The aim is to ease construction work and take productivity to the next level.”

Lean Station at the NUS Engineering Industry Day 2018!

Lean Station had been invited to represent NUS Engineering to showcase its research work on Lean Construction at the NUS Engineering Industry Day 2018.

This was the first inaugural event conducted by National university of Singapore for Engineering Industry Day, held on 21st Nov 2018 at the National University of Singapore Engineering Atrium, Singapore. The theme of the event was to engage with the industry and showcase research work on the themes of Urban Solutions and Digital Transformation.

Lean Station has been a long-standing research and collaborating partner with NUS. Lean Station started its journey in 2015 from collaborations with NUS. Lean Station showcased its marquee product, Lean PlanDo, which is now being widely used in the Singapore construction scenario by various contractors and developers for implementing lean methods and processes in construction projects.