Lean Station partners with VistaBIM to bring Lean PlanDo to Canada

VistaBIM attended Alberta Construction Association annual gathering on December 7, 2017. This event is the premier private networking gathering of the Construction Industry in Alberta, Canada, held each winter. The event brings together contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, educators and developers from across the province with an interest in the application of innovative tools and solutions in construction industry. Issues of province are highlighted bringing awareness to the diversity of construction market. Issues of economy, efficiency, environmental responsibility, technology, and safety are standing topics and are considered part of this event.  

This event was a unique opportunity for VistaBIM to introduce Lean PlanDo and announce its partnership with Lean Station. VistaBIM emphasized the importance of resource management and waste reduction in construction projects through implementation of LEAN principles. 

VistaBIM introduced Lean PlanDo as a cloud-based software solution that helps construction firms to adapt LEAN methodologies in a seamless and effortless manner.

Lean Station is stationing at Blk 73, JTC LaunchPad!

Lean Station has setup it's office at the wonderful startup space created by JTC at LaunchPad in Blk 73. We are very pleased to have setup our office space at the crux of the startup ecosystem in Singapore and will be operating from the Blk 73 office space. 

Lean Station is headquartered in Singapore but follows a very flexible working style working with talents across the globe. It has had its employees and partners from India, Germany, Indonesia and now is expanding to work with talents from other regions of the world in USA, Canada and Europe. Singapore will always be it's home and envision to make a mark globally! 

We also thank our contractor friends who recommended awesome contractors who helped to setup the vinyl flooring and the blinds at a startup cost. The furnitures are coming in soon. Thanks Mr. J.. 

Lean Station's new found home will at Blk 73, Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-27, 139552. Contact us below, if you would like to visit us for a drink. 




Introducing Lean PlanDo Insights - A kickstart to visualizing your construction productivity

The construction industry provides jobs to millions of people around the world, changes the way we connect with the world and more importantly provides shelter. This fundamental need of shelter of every man has not changed since the dawn of intelligent civilization. As civilization has evolved over the centuries the need for more robust, reliable and efficient construction strategies has only been in demand, more so now than ever before. However, the way we look at management of construction has not changed much.

Even though there is such a high demand for efficient construction techniques the industry is plagued by delays, inaccurate cost estimates and in-efficient planning just to name a few. We here at Lean Station are committed to change the way the construction industry works, for the better and forever.

Our product, Lean PlanDo, is a unique cloud-based software solution that helps construction firms to adapt LEAN methodologies in a seamless and effortless manner. And as evidence to the efforts we strive to put in each day to make it one of its kind, we have developed and released the “Lean PlanDo Insights” module as an addition to the extensive functionality provided by Lean PlanDo. The Lean PlanDo Insights module begins with data collection at the source. We collect the required data directly from the day to day inputs provided at the construction site by the people using both web clients and through their mobiles. This allows us to make sure that the integrity of the data is not compromised. This further allows us to draw reliable and decisive insights about the project’s current status and come up with accurate estimates about the project’s future.


We strongly believe that the Lean PlanDo Insights module is going to have a huge impact in the way large projects are managed and completed. This module gives a complete picture of the status of the project to all the stakeholders. This allows the stakeholders to take corrective measures to get the project back on track. The module also provide an opportunity to take steps to proactively prevent delays that might occur. By studying the current project and gaining knowledge about which activity has had the most impact on the project delay we can use the same in future projects to plan and mitigate delays before they occur. This ability to isolate and address issues at the project level is a very valuable tool in your arsenal.


Probably, the most important aspect of Lean PlanDo Insights is that it is completely unbiased. Lean PlanDo Insights provide an accurate picture based on the data that is available. This neutral and impartial view is supported by our crisp user interface and easy to comprehend graphs and charts. The data collected is presented to you using the latest technologies without compromising on usability or performance. The module does not overwhelm the user with information, we provide only that data using which an action can be taken to improve the project trajectory.

Lean Station always aspires to come up with ways to improve the customer’s success, efficiency and commitments. The “Lean PlanDo Insights” is one such of our commitment to show our customers how much they mean to us and how serious we are in making an impact in the construction industry. Arming our customers with such meaningful data at their fingertips, they would be able to make sure that their project is on time or early, well within budget and safely.

Lean PlanDo Insights is available to all our paid users without any additional cost.