Adopt LEAN for a boost in construction productivity

Innovating: purpose, people & process 


The advancements in construction technologies has great potential to increase productivity, but

Construction wastes like delays, re-works, over-production and uncertainty are still a major challenge.

Construction wastes take up majority of the effort involved in construction projects. There is a need for an alternative method to manage and eliminate these wastes. 

Lean is a system built on Japanese concepts of Heijunka (Balanced Production), Hourensou (Collaboration) and Kaizen (Continual improvement) to observe, identify and reduce wastes by constantly improving on processes and fundamentally building trust among teams to increase value continually.

Productivity starts with LEAN.

What is  LEAN PlanDo

LEAN construction is not a new idea, it's an old and trusted one. We are building on it making it easy to adopt and practise. 

LEAN PlanDo is an enabler to adopt and practise LEAN

Every construction project is unique, comes with its own set of challenges. Sometimes people, sometimes process, most of the times the dynamic nature of the environment. 

The key criteria for productivity and profitability of construction projects is the ability of project managers and planners to adapt to practical site challenges and take instant decisions with inputs from the operational team. 

LEAN PlanDo provides a flexible collective workflow between project teams from owners to contractors to take informed decisions supported by powerful insights and impact analysis on its effects.

Simple, yet powerful.


Lean PlanDo enables improvement

Lean PlanDo focusses on enabling people to change. It facilitates the change towards a reliable plan, improved collaboration and for establishing trust. Lean PlanDo is also a digital tool, preparing your organization and workforce towards a digital future. 

An organization succeeds because of its people and it's processes. Lean PlanDo proves to be beneficial through a continual learning framework for the workforce and provides framework and tools for optimizing process, Lean PlanDo proves to be beneficial in delivering higher performance, improved safety and productivity in projects, leading to a boost in company's profitability. 

Lean PlanDo enables smartness in people, but it all starts with the people. 


LEAN IPD - Change is for the better

LEAN Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a system for construction success by making plans reliable, building trust between teams, reducing wastes and providing a continual improvement framework. LEAN IPD enhances value to all the project partners from developers to contractors to consultants.  

LEAN PLANDO is a tool built for practicing the LEAN IPD frameworks and entrench a LEAN Culture in construction

  • Last Planner System (R)*
  • Resource levelling & optimization
  • Key resource management
  • Conditions of Satisfaction
  • Constraint management 
  • Big Room coordination
  • Target Value Design (R)*

Lean Station offers improvement consultancy for smoother adoption and continual practice of LEAN PLANDO

Proud adopters of LEAN

Who is

We help companies improve organisational efficiency and to build new capabilities. 

People are at the core of companies, we believe changing people will make the world a better and a more valuable place.

Lean Station is a R&D company building tools for continually improving complex processes to suit the changing needs of the industries. We are currently focussing on the construction industry to radically change the way they are planned and to make the teams more agile. We develop methods, digital tools, technical papers, and new metrics and ensure they simple and useful for the industries and practically beneficial. We are uniquely placed to serve both owners and contractors to help them adopt LEAN practices in their construction projects. 

Lean Station is a singapore startup with its inception from collaborations with NUS and A*STAR. At its core, it comprises of construction knowhow + technology + LEAN expertise. These fuel our mission to make our customers thrive in a competitive environment helping them to improve continually. Lean Station was incorporated in Singapore in 2015 and we work with customers and partners across the world. 

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