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Why Lean Station?

At Lean Station, we expect you to handle real-life cases from day one. There's no better way to get practical real-life experience and see your ideas at work and learn and grow along with the company. Our case teams are relatively small, which means your learning curve is steep. From the start of your Lean Station career, you will be exposed to and contribute value to the innovative, collaborative culture that our company fosters and grooms.

Starting your career at Lean Station will be a demanding but valuable and rewarding, rich with experience. You will be supported by mentors and peers in a collaborative culture. At LS, you'll connect with people from a diverse and broad set of backgrounds—including business, engineering, technical and research and academics. You will work together with tailored teams on challenging projects collaborating together with the clients. Collaboration also means more fun through team and office events, sports teams, cultural opportunities, and volunteer initiatives. This leads to lasting relationships that are a foundation for your future success.

You will be provided with flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime, but you will shoulder responsibilities to deliver value to the company. You are not measured on the quantity of time spent at work but your quality of your work and your value to the work that you will be involved with.

Healthy & sustainable growth is something we strive for in Lean Station and offer the same value to our employees and as well as to our clients. Mentorship and apprenticeship are embedded throughout your career at LS. Our team culture is built with a value system to help each other, learn from each other and grow together. You'll pursue your interests, make an impact, and find your place at LS.

Job Code: LC

Lean consultant

Location: Singapore

Employee Type: Regular

Job Type: Full time

Position summary

Lean Station’s Lean PlanDo (LPD) practice focuses on helping clients business and to achieve success with the partnership with Lean Station. The core purpose is to facilitate the client's journey to achieve operational superiority and project performance through efficient planning, collaboration use of data, technology and digital. The role is that of influential, inspirational, advisory, rational and analytical in nature to facilitate and guide our clients in their digital transformational journey. This practise is at the heart of the strategic impact we have with our clients and the role is extremely crucial and challenging.  Our consultants and experts have deep understanding of the subject and should develop deep experience and expertise in the method, practise and the tool: Lean PlanDo. We seek experienced "agile" practitioners with demonstrated experience leading similar experience for this role. We also seek freshers who are aspirational, detail oriented, smart, hard working with an attitude to fail-learn-improve-grow to become leaders of the future. 

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Job Code: BDM

Business development manager

Location: Singapore and India

Employee Type: Regular

Job Type: Full time

Position Summary

We are seeking exceptional candidates with experience and passion to fill a Business Development Manager position in Lean Station's business unit. This global business unit is an integral part of Lean Station's strategy to develop new client service and partner offerings in order to deliver increased value and digital impact. The unit has responsibilities for full-life cycle of LS proprietary software, data and consulting assets, from initial business case to roadmap delivery, launch, and ongoing support operations. All of Lean Station's research directions and product capabilities are influenced by this business unit including product management, design, development, support and data insight expertise. They will have deep collaboration with Lean PlanDo's practice areas, R&D and consulting teams. This team of highly motivated and insightful colleagues will provide an opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial, start-up environment supported by an established leader in client service.
Candidates should possess an entrepreneurial drive and have demonstrated experience leading digital product sales efforts. This Business development manager will work very closely with  leadership teams to develop client development strategy, partner development strategy, account management strategy and drive sales. Ideal candidates will have prior experience in leading commercial planning and sales for software or data product organizations.

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