Lean PlanDo mobile


Lean PlanDo has been transforming ways in which construction is being planned, managed and executed in many of the projects in Singapore thus contributing to the productivity improvement overall. We have always known going mobile is the key, and now we have made it easier to apply LEAN Construction on mobiles.

Announcing the release of the improved Lean PlanDo Site app and an all new Lean PlanDo Insights app. The Apple and Android versions of both the apps are live and are available for download. We have put  in our hearts into designing these intuitive and user friendly apps for both the popular platforms and assure you a great mobile experience


Lean PlanDo Site Apps:


Lean PlanDo Site app is designed for project site teams that synchronizes with the Lean PlanDo web app. It is suitable for site engineers, supervisors, subcontractors and suppliers. It makes it convenient for the team to update progress on the go or capture issues on the site

All the tasks and constraints planned and committed by subcontractors using the web app are listed in the mobile app with more information to take decisive actions. The app is packaged with some new features like daily tasks listing, showing work breakdown structure of activities and an all new progress update page. Real-time communication is the key to keep making swift decisions and so, the app is built to notify people about the key issues on the site and for enabling collaboration between the teams.

Do more, stay updated and work better and faster with our Lean PlanDo Site App. Please contact us to know more.

The Lean PlanDo site apps are live and can be downloaded using the links below:

              Download on your Android phone

              Download on your Android phone

                Download on your Apple phone

                Download on your Apple phone


Lean PlanDo Insights Apps:


Get real-time insights of your construction project on the go using Lean PlanDo Insights App.

The Insight app brings all the major and critical insights of construction projects at the fingertips of its users. The app is designed specifically for the management team including project directors, managers and other top level executives. Real-time decision making with real-time insights was the motto behind building this app

Key insights of LEAN Construction metrics and indices that matter to the project like plan reliability metrics, commitment metrics and continual learning metrics can be accessed anytime anywhere using the app with built in key notifications.  

The app also provides information related to project forensics and performance like progress and real-time status, major reasons for delays and who’s responsible for them, weekly project performance and major activities causing delays to the project. This gives users convenience of information availability empowering them to take important decisions quickly.

It’s simple yet powerful. Get smarter with Lean PlanDo Insights app.

The Lean PlanDo Insights apps are live and can be downloaded using the links below:

               Download on your Android phone

               Download on your Android phone

                 Download on your Apple phone

                 Download on your Apple phone


In order to simplify the process of bringing you new features quickly, we have enabled the always-on-beta tag for our apps. This means that the apps will reach you much faster and with better features always.

We are always with you listening to your feedback and comments about these apps. Please do write to us on any of the channels below.

Lean PlanDo mobile apps are the key to a more productive experience in transforming the construction industry, also, this is just the beginning, the apps will be made better, richer and faster to enable you as a productive builder..