Lean PlanDo - Software features

Lean PlanDo is built on robust technology and built for scale to handle multiple projects across geographies. It has been built easy to use and to eliminate any preparation by the user or the IT team. There is no need to install any pre-requisite software or get an administrator access rights. Lean PlanDo runs on your favourite browser on your laptop, desktop or your mobile or tablet. Also it has it's own specific mobile apps on your Android or Apple iOS stores. 



Real-time collaboration across cross functional teams

Lean PlanDo is easy to use, accessible anywhere, anytime with real-time collaboration of project information and progress updates between desk based planning teams and site based construction teams


Integrates with popular master planning tools 

Lean PlanDo Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project(R), Oracle Primavera(R) with a value driven workflow that will replace the passive reporting process with a proactive plan-execute & measure workflow


Collective planning on the cloud 

Empower your project team to collectively contribute to the planning process on a secure cloud environment to ensure realistic planning for speedy completion of projects. 



Integrated Lean & Proactive Workflow

Adopt a standardized lean workflow across your projects to boost productivity and achieve project milestones on time and on budget.



Integrated dashboard for taking informed decisions

Visualize project progress, analyze performance data and track critical issues for taking informed decisions and pro actively address potential bottlenecks.  Generate instantaneous project management reports.




Unlimited storage for projects and files

Secure cloud based platform enables you to manage multiple projects and files in one place. All the information you need all be now be available on your fingertips anytime anywhere.