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Lean PlanDo for Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Lean PlanDo keeps the master plan alive through an inclusive pull planning process and makes it convenient to maintain a VDC Plan. Digitize your process and incorporate automated workflows for improved coordination between all the stakeholders of the project. The process drives people to a committed and collaborative culture, while technology plays a ubiquitous role in driving productivity higher. The Lean PlanDo Insights provides key metrics in real time for continual improvement.

Lean PlanDo for sustained improvement in construction productivity


Creating a VDC Plan

The main contractor creates, maintains, and updates a comprehensive plan of all tasks and activities to be carried out by location in accordance to the master schedule.

Creating and maintaining a VDC Plan is crucial to ensure that all activities are carried out in order of priority in accordance to the schedule of works on site. Identifying all possible issues and constraints and resolving them timely for every location, by location is the key to smooth project operation. The following describes the series of steps involved in creating a VDC Plan.