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BCA Academy - Managing workflow and achieving plan reliability workshop May 2018


Lean Station is conducting a wrokshop for Managing workflow and achieving plan reliability at the BCA Academy covering Lean PlanDo methods and its implementation which are part of the Lean Construction principles in construction.

Course details:

Topic: Managing workflow and achieving plan reliability

Lean practice enables companies to eliminate waste , take collective decisions and improve productivity. It is a continuous process which equips a you to respond to changing and challenging environment with higher resources and less cost. 

Lean Construction applies lean methods to construction projects. By adopting Lean Construction practices, project managers, planners, construction managers and project engineers will be able to use collective planning methods and reduce uncertainty by eliminating wastes such as delays, overproduction and rework thereby creating a reliable plan and increasing productivity. Adoption of Lean practices have been simplified with a cloud based solution called Lean PlanDo which combines the benefits of web technologies, data analytics and lean practices. 

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