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Lean Station will be giving a talk on ‘Managing Construction Productivity Through Better Planning’ at SCAL Singapore

Dr. Nguyen Thi Qui, Research and Development Manager at Lean Station will be giving a talk titled "Going Lean For Construction Productivity" at the Construction Productivity Conference in Singapore  being held on 24th May. The talk is scheduled at 02:00 pm  at the venue - Orchard Hotel, 442 Orchard Road, Singapore

The conference is being organized by The Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) and SCAL academy. This establishment is to further the objectives to address the industry’s training needs. It plans, designs and conducts training and development courses to help managers and staff at all levels to upgrade their professional, managerial and technical skills and knowledge to support business needs and personal aspirations.

Organized talk is to highlight the need for lean practices in the construction industry and to educate on the advancement in construction technologies which have great potential to reduce wastes  and improve productivity.  The talk will also  spread awareness on alternative method of planning and project management to establish a proactive, collaborative and dynamic approach to reduce wastage and achieve greater value  

About the Speaker:

Dr Nguyen Thi Qui has obtained her doctoral degree from National University of Singapore (NUS). Her research topic was automatic construction planning and scheduling. She has worked for NUS as a research fellow for 3 years before joining Lean Station.

Dr Qui is one of the inventors of Lean PlanDo. Her main research and application interests include lean construction, BIM and productivity improvement methodologies. When working for NUS, she was involved in different projects focusing on improving design and construction productivity using lean,BIM and artificial intelligence. Her career passion is to help contractors, and construction industry achieve a higher productivity performance using lean methodologies, advanced information technologies and applied academic solutions.