Lean Station is an R&D company, building tools for continually improving the value of workforce and the value of their work
Current focus @Lean Station

Current focus

We build LEAN + digital transformational and collaboration tools for construction teams focussing on collective planning, commitments, continual learning to boost productivity and performance in projects.

We work with small to the biggest companies around the world on linear to mega complex projects to help them transition towards being agile, collaborative, digital and increasingly profitable.

Collective Planning + Digital = Reduced cost + Increased speed of construction 


About Lean Station

Lean Station is a R&D company building tools for continually improving complex processes to suit the changing needs of the industries. We are currently focussing on the construction industry to radically change the way they are planned and to make the teams more agile. We develop methods, digital tools, technical papers, and new metrics and ensure they simple and useful for the industries and practically beneficial. We are uniquely placed to serve both owners and contractors to help them adopt LEAN practices in their construction projects. 

Lean Station is a singapore startup with its inception from collaborations with NUS and A*STAR. At its core, it comprises of construction knowhow + technology + LEAN expertise. These fuel our mission to make our customers thrive in a competitive environment helping them to improve continually. Lean Station was incorporated in Singapore in 2015 and we work with customers and partners across the world. 




We help companies improve organisational efficiency and to build new capabilities. 

People are at the core of companies, we believe changing people will make the world a better and a more valuable place. 

Our Mission

Trust & security

Security is the top priority

Our customer's trust is at the heart of what we do and to serve the ever growing number of customers and to maintain the trust, security is the top priority at Lean Station. Hence we are transparent with our security program, so you can feel safe using our products and services.

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Our people are awesome!

Our team

We have some of the nicest people to make the world a better place. Our team works from across different parts of the world and from a place where they are comfortable to work from. Our people are smart, flexible and simply awesome. 

With flexibility comes responsibility and our research and engineering teams collaborate at mission critical levels to ensure research and development at breakneck speeds. 

Our people are happy, smart and strive hard to make our customers successful. We cherish our customer's success and continually help them thrive in their projects.

We practise and preach continual improvement for an industry transformation. We observe, learn and improve constantly. We are the biggest believers of LEAN. We think, build and operate in a LEAN way maximizing value of our people as well as value of our users.   

Our Values

Our values

As we continue to learn, grow and evolve - we build everything based on these values

  1. Simplicity, openness and humbleness - we live on this
  2. Be the change, live the change - only then we can drive the change
  3. Collaborate and cooperate - work and play as a family
  4. Work smart and automate everything - for faster, better and bigger
  5. Analyze, be rational and logical - to make unbiased decisions


Our journal & blog

We understand change is difficult, we share our experiences on how we solved some of the problems, how our customers solved some of the problems and how they achieved success. 

We write interesting articles sharing our experiences in this journey with Lean Station. They include case studies, whitepapers, knowledge articles, product updates, tips that help unleash your people's potential.

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We also publish in Medium

Giving Back

Giving back

People around the world do amazing things and change the world for better, we invest in this change and help them to achieve it. So we invest or give for charity for such causes. We also give our employees time to volunteer for such change-driving causes.

We run investment campaigns at Rang De



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