Lean Station partners with VistaBIM to bring Lean PlanDo to Canada

VistaBIM attended Alberta Construction Association annual gathering on December 7, 2017. This event is the premier private networking gathering of the Construction Industry in Alberta, Canada, held each winter. The event brings together contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, educators and developers from across the province with an interest in the application of innovative tools and solutions in construction industry. Issues of province are highlighted bringing awareness to the diversity of construction market. Issues of economy, efficiency, environmental responsibility, technology, and safety are standing topics and are considered part of this event.  

This event was a unique opportunity for VistaBIM to introduce Lean PlanDo and announce its partnership with Lean Station. VistaBIM emphasized the importance of resource management and waste reduction in construction projects through implementation of LEAN principles. 

VistaBIM introduced Lean PlanDo as a cloud-based software solution that helps construction firms to adapt LEAN methodologies in a seamless and effortless manner.