Lean Station's own spaceship at the JTC Partner's night

Lean Station had a very successful event at the JTC partner's night on 16/Oct in Singapore where it showcased many of it's new innovative tools and additions to the Lean PlanDo.

Introducing Lean PlanDo insights!

Lean Station announces the launch of Lean PlandDo insights - a data analytics and insights module that provides actionable info curated to enhance the implementation and to measure the effectiveness of the adaptation of Lean PlanDo in a construction project. 

Lean Station will be allowing incremental access to all existing users of Lean PlanDo to the Lean PlanDo insights without any extra charges. It will be bundled with the Lean PlanDo package at no extra charge for the upcoming new users of Lean PlanDo until a commercial model for this module will be worked out. 

Lean Station also unveiled a thoughtful communique called the the "the golden spiral of LEAN" highlighting some of the key transitions a company and even an individual will go through to become more productive and profitable. It was designed as a simple communication symbol that identifies with the digital construction innovations of Lean PlanDo and benefits it has to offer. 

Lean Station thanks the support of JTC in promoting Lean construction and directing the construction industry in Singapore to be Lean and productive.